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About Us

We believe that every space tells a story. We at Boxwood, endeavour to be a small part of hundreds of stories around the world, through our simplistic, modern yet functional products.

Just like the versatile shrub Boxwood, seen everywhere from understated executive offices to opulent palatial estates, our philosophy is to design products that meld into the background of any kind of space, providing structure, enhancing without competing, while letting the inhabitants of the space always take center stage. Our brand’s sensibility is driven by our strong belief that necessity, craft and exactness can all coexist and our long-term vision is to create products that go beyond trends and make a difference.

Given our approach, wood seemed to be our obvious choice to start off our journey with. It beautifully merged all that we espouse- versatility, simplicity and functionality. Some of our best renditions from this collection were meticulously crafted by local artisans naturally resulting in a line that is utilitarian yet unique.

We are a young crew of business and design graduates who all came together and decided to coalesce our respective skills because of our love for design. This rare combination means a pool of thoughts, both practical and creative, working in tandem to produce only the best for you and more importantly helping you tell magical stories through your spaces.